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We at Hallbeck Homes pride ourselves on the ability to design/build or remodel your home.

The following is a summary of the process in which you will undertake in picking a plan or designing/Remodeling your new home.


Getting Started:

We offer a few ways to design or remodel your home:

  • Pick a design that is ready to build. This can be already priced or can be priced quickly, so if you have some time constraints, this may be the best option for you. 

  • Merge ideas from multiple plans, make substantial changes to the plan or design from scratch with ideas you may have for ideal home. 

  • Remodel your existing home. This requires an existing floor & site plans. If none are available, we can   measure the home to recreate the basic plan. A survey of the site is required, so we can coordinate an engineering firm to accomplish that. We then create the ideas thru our custom designing and discussing your ideas to come up with our overall plans. This option will incur some design fees. 


Cost Proposal:

After the plan is selected, a proposal is written up and any changes or clarifications are noted and finalized on the Cost Proposal. When accepted, the plans, General Specifications and a Contract for Construction are put together, signed and approved. You, the owner should get a commitment for your Mortgage loan if one is necessary. This has to be issued prior to the start of any construction.


Our Client Coordinator will schedule selection meetings with you to fit into your busy schedule and coordinate your ideas and selections for your new home. Some items may have already been selected, however, we want to clarify these items prior to ordering. Most of these selections can be done in our showroom, but a few items you may want to go to our selection partners to make the selections. 


Construction meetings:

Usually when we get together to confirm selections, we also review any changes to the contract thru a change order, answer any questions about the construction or schedule and discuss the status of the home construction. If at any time you see anything that you have questions about, please call our office. We want you to be comfortable with our building process!


Orientation/Customer service:

Upon completion of your home, we will have our own inspectors checking your home to assure completion and meeting of our standards along with municipal inspections. We will have an orientation/walk thru prior to your closing to familiarize you with all the workings of your new home, as well as the locations of important areas and shutoffs.


Warranty & Service:

We carry a 1-year warranty on virtually every thing in the home. If anything needs to be corrected, we have a 60-day and an 11-month warranty service. You just let us know what the problem is by sending us the Customer Service order and we will respond with a phone call to schedule your appointment.


It is our pleasure to help you thru the design/build process. We want it to be an enjoyable experience.

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