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Hallbeck Homes, Inc. is a family owned and operated custom home builder, designing and building single-family homes, town homes and commercial properties. 
Since our founding in 1964, we've developed over 1,500 home sites in Champaign, Piatt and Sangamon counties, and constructed over 600 homes. We’re also responsible for developing some of Champaign's most beautiful neighborhoods, including Lincolnshire Fields, Cherry Hills, The Trails at Brittany, Chestnut Grove and Abbey Fields.
The story of Hallbeck Homes is a simple one. Built on a commitment to quality and integrity. Built by determination and hard work. Built by one family, one home at a time.
It's been that way since Josef C. Hallbeck first began building in Champaign County. With his wife, Helen, Joe set out to start a company that would be known for craftsmanship and caring to build not just houses, but homes. Places where families could hang their hats--and their hearts, as well.
As Hallbeck Homes grew, so did our reputation for superior construction and customer care. When you do good work and put people first, word gets out!
Over the past 50 years, Hallbeck Homes has become a well regarded local institution. A reliable employer, a contributor to the local economy, and a source of support and leadership for civic and professional organizations alike, carrying on the Hallbeck legacy into the second and third generations. 

Many things have changed during the last half-century, but at Hallbeck Homes we still believe that the important things remain the same. Hard work. Community. Family. Integrity. Quality.
These are our values and our promise. The foundation that the Hallbeck Homes story is built on. You can find them in our ongoing commitment to our craft and to our customers. In our loyalty to our community, and, of course--in our dedication to designing and building homes and neighborhoods that simply make life better.
One home at a time.

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